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Lambrusco, the slightly fizzy red wine got a bad rap in the 70’s and 80’s when sweet versions (7%/8% alc.) were the highest selling imported wines in the United States. Times have, changed, though, and there’s been a resurgence in artisanally-produced Lambruscos made in the traditional secco frizzante style. Traditionally grown around Parma, Modena, Reggio, and Mantova Lambrusco is the ultimate pairing for a platter of Prosciutto di Parma, and chunks of Parmigiano-Reggiano drizzled with balsamic vinegar in a stunning illustration of the idea that “if it grows together, it goes together!”

The Lambrusco revival is being led by producers who take care to produce wines that are varietally true and imbued with a distinct sense of terroir. Many of these committed producers have rescued indigenous varieties from near extinction and come from families that have produced the wine locally for generations. With its light body, low alcohol content (min. 10.5% alc.), slight fizz, bright fruit, and hint of bitterness, Lambrusco has become a darling among sommeliers looking for something unique, crowd-pleasing, and food-friendly.

This June, celebrate the revival of real Lambrusco with a glass of the good stuff and all the accoutrements of an afternoon snack in Parma!

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One thought on “US | Lambrusco Day Moments

    […] In the mid-nineties Lambrusco had become synonymous with Riunite, a cheap, low alcohol sweet wine that sommeliers wouldn’t allow anywhere near their wine lists, but one wine importer, James Koch of JKI, decided to start a campaign to realign Lambrusco with its authentic expression, a fizzy, dry red wine with 11% or more alcohol from Emilia, Italy. […]

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